Educational and Cultural tours

Maya Lands 15 days. This trip, ¨Adventure in Mayan Land¨, is to show the love and comprehension towards the Mayan World. This tour includes some excursions of our sustainable tourism program. Home of the ancient Maya culture, Guatemala has a lot to offer: amazing archaeological sites and tropical jungles such as Tikal; the living Maya highlands with the colonial city of Antigua, the Chichicastenango market and the Lake of Atitlan; the varied geography with rivers, lakes, volcanoes, and spring-like weather year round. We will discover the secrets of the Mayan people by having amazing and once in a life time experiences. Antigua – Chichicastenango – Sololá – Tikal – Livingston- Caribbean beach – Siete Altares – 1 night at the farm– 2 camping nights – Copán (Honduras)

Mundo Maya ; This wonderful trip ¨MUNDO MAYA¨ has the most beautiful elements in Guatemala. We will visit the best natural assets of the country and also witness the traditions of the indigenous people. Guatemala has lots to offer like amazing archaeological sites and tropical jungles such as: Tikal, Quirigua, Yaxhá, Topoxté, and ruin's Copan (Honduras). You will be on a small boat trough the jungle and see the most amazing landscapes and wild life. The tour stars by visiting the colonial jewel of Antigua Guatemala and then travel to the highlands of Sololá and Totonicapan; where you will see the most beautiful and colorful markets, without forget the local people and the most important market of Chichicastenango. When we finished to see all the highlands, we will begin with the Mayan route using the same ways the ancient merchants used.

Sustainable Tourism Program : Our NGO Amistad Guatemala Foundation offer a wonderful and unique experience for your students groups in Guatemala. They are oriented by a guide tourists and responsible approach. They will meet indigenous populations, live a human and memorable experience to aid at the community.

SAILING TO CARIBBEAN 6 days -7 nights The Best Seller

Our Spanish School are for all ages they offer an integration experience as well as real contact with the Mayan town. Guatemala has international reputation and offers the best to the schools. The Spanish that is speaking in Guatemala is the closest one in all Latin America to the real Spanish from Spain.

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